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Family owned and operated Tattoo Shop in San Antonio since 2015. We also offer Laser Tattoo removal services at ColorBlindsMinds – one of the leading tattoo shops in San Antonio TX. Reach out to us today to get started with your next tattoo project.

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Our tattoo shop offers high quality tattoos in a private, calm, clean and professional setting. We would like to announce that we have expanded our services in 2021, now offering Laser Tattoo Removal. If you are looking to get your first tattoo or adding to your collection. We would love to work with you with one of our highly experienced artists. Come by your San Antonio one stop shop. We carry state of the art equipment and premium tattoo aftercare services. Our goal is to excel on every level to ensure the best tattoo experience. Call us at (726) 444-0900 today!

Tattoo Removal

Fast and safe non-invasive procedure by industry professionals

Portrait tattoos

For your search for a portrait tattoo artist in San Antonio, you could not find a better companion than ColorBlindsMinds.

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Traditional Tattoos

Stick true to the roots with a Traditional Tattoo.

Black & Grey Realism

Detailing and shading with various shades of black ink.

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Our Creative Work

ColorBlindsMinds Tattoo is the destination for people searching for a top rated tattoo shop in San Antonio. Not only do our tattoo artists in San Antonio offer a seamless and hassle-free tattoo inking procedure at our San Antonio tattoo shop, but we guide you on how to take proper care of your tattoos as well as ways on how you can remove unwanted ones.

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For folks searching for a San Antonio Tattoo Artist, ColorBlindsMinds is, without a doubt, the right place. Getting a tattoo inked on your body might seem like a simple enough procedure, but one needs a reliable partner for their tattoos in San Antonio that can not only ink their body with a masterpiece but guide them through the whole process and more importantly, in the aftercare as well. This is exactly what you will get with ColorBlindMinds tattoo artists.

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